Passion, love, war, fear, peace, hope, pleasure... Catchy notes of tango, waltz and the tense harmonies following the strong lyrics of Brecht, Cocteau and Nash in German, English and French – all in the everlasting music of the one of the avantgarde greatest Kurt Weill. Speak low underlines everyday challenges, cynical criticism contrasts and timeless hopes in a set of atmospheres performed by Tijana Djuricic, soprano and accompanied by Irina Naumovska, the piano and Andrija Pavlović, the piano.
Homage to the life and work of Kurt Weill (1900-1950), cabaret Speak Low is a promenade through the atmosphere, harmony and texts of this musical giant of the 20th century. Through lots of cynicism, contrasts, criticism and actuality, it carries the listener through a very different development phases of this extraordinary artist.
Cabaret is designed to present all stages of the work of Kurt Weill, with special emphasis on the fields of cutting liminal influences (work occurred before leaving Germany, works created during his stay in Paris and immediately after his arrival in America). Thus, a transparent theme, stylish and harmonic observed in inter-textual overlapping - all that Weill would call "life" lasting only 60 minutes.

1. Speak Low (1943), text: Ogden Nash 4:28
2. Berlin im Licht (1928), text: Kurt Weill 2:04
3. Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib? (1942), text: Bertolt Brecht 3:31
4. Nanna’s Lied (1929), tesxt: Bertolt Brecht 4:26
5. Die Muschel von Margate: Petroleum Song (1928), text: Felix Gasbarra 2:02
6. Je ne t'aime pas (1934), text: Maurice Magre 3:50
7. Complainte de la Seine (1934), text: Maurice Magre 3:34
8. Youkali (1934), text: Roger Fernay 5:05
9. Der Abschiedsbrief (1933), text: Erich Kästner 4:21
10. Es Regnet (1933), text: Jean Cocteau 3:04
11. Das Lied von den braunen Inseln (1928), text: Lion Feuchtwanger 2:43
12. Buddy on the Nightshift (1942), text: Oscar Hammerstein 2:34
13. Schickelgruber (1942), text: Howard Dietz 3:42
14. I am a stranger here myself (1943), text: Ogden Nash 2:52

Sound Design by Ana-Marija Vilotić
Recorded @Studio R88
Photo by Vanja Lisac

Special Thanks to the enchanting friend Emira Azganović, baby angel Lena Vilotić and love Andrija Pavlović.