New Poject – A Weill Ago

A Weill ago is a musical theater inspired by the life and work of German composer Kurt Weill (1900-1950) transposed into a contemporary cultural and social context. Through unusual arrangements and processing (for vocals and electronic layer) of Weill's songs and their re-contextualization with original electroacoustic music of Ane Gnjatović reviewed forma cabaret, musical theater today, as the city and the sense of popular songs in modern music environment. In collaboration with soprano Tijana Djuricic, experienced performer of Weill music, and in the reductive stage ambiance emerges a completely different cabaret - sung and spoken Weill receives its digital alter ego, speakerphone replaces the piano and video projections scenic light. Project is supported by Ministry of Culture and media of Republic of Serbia and will be open to audience on April 22nd 2017th in Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris.

Setting the songs of Kurt Weill in today's cultural context provides an interesting insight into the resistance quality (although populist) of music in the environment of changed social norms and systems. Simultaneously are reviewed, different possible forms of cabaret and related forms of musical theater with the use of modern technologies. Finally, addressing (each day smaller in number, but more demanding) audiences of contemporary music and theater, the author questions: Whether the understanding of artistic values ​​of old popular songs changed? Whether today's listener believes that Weill's music, texts of Brecht and Cocteau are anachronistic? Whether they still convey some universal (artistic, leftist, intimate ...) messages beyond the ramp to the present listeners?

Weill for A Panny / Speak low

In an intensive collaboration with Irina Naumovska, the pianist and Mia David, architects, set designer, manager and journalist, Tijana has created the project Weill for a Penny, dedicated to the art of Kurt Weill. Chosen composition for the voice and the piano, combined with the sellected texts and tempting atmospheres of set design, all in unexpected halls around Serbia are attracting most different kind of spectators. Realization of this project is supported by Kolarac Foundation, KC Zrenjanin, SKC Kragujevac, KC Sopot, KC Lazarevac, KC Mladenovac and Faculty of Arts in Nis.

Cabaret Speak Low (Tijana Djuricic / voice, Irina Naumovska / piano, Aleksandar Budimir / accordion) as one of a kind is touring around Balkan, Asia and the States during 2016th and 2017th. Start is in Belgrade / Mikser House / May 14th 2016.

The Debute CD

Tijana Djuricic is recording the debute CDs with amazing pianists - Irina Naumovska and Andrija Pavlovic. The first edition is expected in January 2017th and will be dedicated to the less performed songs of Kurt Weill. Recordings will be availble online and in selected bookstores around Europe.

Curious to hear what's new? Even though Djuricic was recorded in most of her performances, live and published for the first time in I shall contemplate by Djuro Zivkovic. Now she is recording the debute CD with the amazing pianists - Irina Naumovska and Andrija Pavlovic. The first edition is expected in January 2017th and will be dedicated to the less performed songs of Kurt Weill. Recordings will be available online and in selected bookstores around Europe. Listen to the intoxicating Speak low...

Prague Quadrennial

Sound Clothes, created by Andrija Pavlovic and Tijana Djuricic has been selected for the National Representation of Serbia on the Prague Quadrennial 2015. In a fierce competition, Serbia won a golden medal in a brand new category of Provoking a Dialogue. Sound clothes are available for shows, exibitions and sale, upon the request.

In the explanation, jury said that: “Artists and students from Serbia have shown a strong belief that art and artistic processes are deeply connected with the social, political and economic reality. Both artworks suggest the need for cooperation and connection between artists and students. It is all about a scene dialogue that attracts audience and affects it by visual and spatial solutions, at the same time establishing a dialogue.”

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